From a very young age Kelly used fashion as a way to express herself. She would gather her friends, dress them up and take photos of them. She loved how she could create magically pictures and scenarios through styling.

Kelly decided to continue on in fashion and earned a degree in Product Development and Textile Design at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also studied styling in London, England at the American Intercontinental University. After graduation she became an in-house location stylist for the outdoor company Bass Pro Shops. She learned the ins and outs of styling through her first job as a stylist and took this with her on to London, England. While working as a stylist in London, she decided it was time to get back to designing and started her own womenswear label under her own name, Kelly Ekardt.

Kelly Ekardt Womenswear is a cool, contemporary concept womenswear fashion label. She designs non-seasonal timeless pieces for your wardrobe. She wants her pieces to be worn season after season. Her motto: wear. always

The collection is now designed in Frankfurt, Germany where she now resides.