Someone Great Session 9

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I'm going to take you back a bit to some of my favourite songs from uni. To be honest they are still some of my favourite songs. Ask my friends which song they think of when they think of me, they'll probably say Birthday by the Junior Boys or Enjoy the Silence by the Cure or a song from M83. You see I've always had a very distinct taste in music. It's what makes me, well me. 

I use to make mixtapes for my friends so they could hear what I was listening to at that moment. My dad use to get them too. He would call me up and ask if I had time to talk about the mixtape I made him. He would take me through each song one by one and tell me what he thought about them. My dad use to make mixtapes to back in college, he's the influence. And here I am making them for you today.

I just love sharing music with people, my heart literally wants to explode with excitement, because there are some many great songs out there. I associate memories with songs. Do you? When a certain song comes on like Birthday from Junior Boys, I can see myself back in Columbia, Missouri dancing with all my friends at a house party or walking down the street with a friend talking about life or the time when I actually got to see the Junior Boys in Austin, Texas. My friend Meg, Tyler and I had just left Austin City Limits Festival and were walking downtown when we passed a bar that said the Junior Boys were playing there. I went up to the door guy and asked if I could go in and said of course after you buy a ticket. I was so excited, I literally about had a heart attack! That night was truly a night I will never forget. I'm lucky to have so many amazing memories attached to such great music.

To music, memories and someone great. 

kelly x

Kelly Ekardt