Find Me Session 18

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It’s crazy how fast a year goes by these days. I feel like I blink and then it’s gone. I’m always torn when it comes to a New Year as I want to have so much hope that this year will all make sense, and that everything will click and fall into place. Then there’s the let’s reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far aspect. I know this is important because it’s so easy to forget how far we have actually come in one year. But what if your progress wasn’t as great as you wanted it to be. Can you still say wow look how far I’ve come? There seems to be so much pressure to succeeding in one year. Success takes years to build. So you can see why I’m so torn when it comes to the New Year. I’m torn between excitement and disappointment.

On that note, what would I like to see 2019 bring for me? Well, I would like to find me. Ok you my be blinking your eyes quite a bit now and scratching your head, but it’s true, I want to find me. It’s easy in our society to lose track of what we want for ourselves. Many times we keep playing the game because it’s what we think we are suppose to be doing. But what if it isn’t making you happy? What if none of it is coming together, what if you wake up still feeling lost? I feel these feelings, I feel confused most mornings about what I’m suppose to be doing, so this year, it’s about finding the right road for me. Finding what makes me tick, what gets me up in the morning, what I can’t stop talking endlessly about. I want pure excitement about what I am doing.

Now I understand that even when we are on the right path for ourselves we still can feel lost, confused and doubt, but you still know in your whole body you are doing the right thing. That’s what I want to feel this year, I don’t just want to feel it, I want to know it!!!!

When you know what you’re doing is right, it’s easy to keep moving forward no matter how hard it is. You can see where you are going, you can envision where you want to be. I want to know where I want to be.

So here’s to a year of finding what makes all of us tick, what makes sense for us as individuals, what makes us smile, what gets us all excited. What we I discover this year? Let’s see.

Happy New Year!

kelly x

Kelly Ekardt