Dance Session 14


Who here doesn't like to dance? If you don't, I will literally categorise you as looney! Now I understand some of you can't dance. You have no rhythm, but I say who cares! Dance to your own damn beat. Dancing is a form of self-expression, a way to let go and just be free!!!!! When I dance I feel alive and amazing. There is nothing better than hearing the beat of the music and closing your eyes and just letting go. It's truly beautiful. 

You'll usually find me dancing to upbeat or electro music as I love it, but I also love me a slow dance. My parents were big dancers at home. My sister and I came home one evening to find my parents slow dancing in the dark together with the music up loud. It was seriously the most romantic thing I have ever seen. They showed me the importance of dancing. The importance of dancing together. 

My mom, my sister and I tried to teach my dad how to line dance one day. I can seriously say I have never laughed so hard in my life. The three of us girls were crying it was so funny. My dad loves to dance but the poor guy can't move his hips to save his life. 

I think you get my drift by now, dancing makes you smile, it makes you laugh, it sets you free. Take a moment today and set yourself free. Try and move your hips a little.

Kelly xx

Kelly Ekardt