Change Session 15

photo: by me. Film camera

photo: by me. Film camera

Change. For some of us change is exciting, for others it's the most terrifying thing you could ever experience. I believe that change can bring new life, a breathe of fresh air, new ideas, new friends, and new experiences. Now this is not to say change isn't fucking scary. It is. Not knowing the future and how it will all play out is honestly a leap of faith. 

I'm about to embark on a really big change and I have very mixed feelings about it. My family is uprooting our life in London and moving to Frankfurt, Germany. For me this is a big deal. I don't speak German fluently, but I'm sure I will soon enough. My family has been ready for a change for some time, but the right opportunity hadn't come along yet. My husband and I have tried to move to Berlin for the last four years, but nothing ever worked out. After being completely dishearten we decided to give up on the idea of moving to Berlin and decided to give London another chance. We've had some good years here, but we've always felt like something could be better. 

Now Frankfurt isn't our first choice, but we believe that it's for the best right now. I'm not sure what the universe has in store for us there or why it even wants us there, but for some reason it does. I'm believing that some amazing opportunity will come along and it will all make sense. 

Change, embrace it, love it, accept it and then run with it.

Enjoy the new playlist. 

kelly xx

Kelly Ekardt