My Travel Favourites


So when it comes to packing I have been on a mission to find the best travel solutions. I hate loads of luggage. I like to pack as light as possible. There are many travel organiser solutions out there that can help you pack light and easy.

When it comes to packing it’s a good idea to have a good backpack and a small suitcase. If you are going for a weekend then definitely a good holdall will do the trick like Tiba and Marl’s new range in collaboration with Selfridges. It’s not listed below but I have the Felix Holdall and I love it!

I’m in love with my Storq carryall. It’s meant to be a nursey bag but I still use mine as a normal backpack as its awesome! I recently just discovered this great recycled backpack by Zara which looks great and holds loads.

I’m also loving Knomo London’s range. It’s chic, simple and super useful. I cannot wait to get the backpack and Rollie. I’m in total need of both!

When it comes to travel bottles, I am all about eliminating plastic and going for the soft silicone bottles, which are also available at Amazon.

I also love Muji. They are the best for easy peasy travel solutions and I use loads of their products. Totally give them a go!

Once you know what works for you, packing is a no brainer. It just takes some research for the best packing solutions for you. But these are ones I find useful and that I am loving right now.

Give them a try!

kelly x

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kelly x

Kelly Ekardt