May's Wishlist


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this month’s Wishlist. It’s short and to the point, but it’s full of high-end beauties from mainly small/independent designers. Ok I’ve included a few are mainstream brands, only because I love them. A few of these pieces I’ve been eyeing up for a while now but as I’m not made of money yet. I had to add it to my Wishlist. A Wishlist, I hope becomes a reality rather soon.

As it’s not quite summer here in Germany, it’s quite important to dress appropriately and I think my selection here is very weather appropriate. I have no idea what happen to our warm sunny days??!!! And I know England and other places are experiencing this too.

For the last few months or so I’ve been really pushing preloved and sustainable clothing and I will continue to do this but once in a while something will come along that is so good I can’t resist like the Acne leggings and red sandals. But over all the designers I have included here trying very hard to promote sustainability or local production. All of these brands care deeply about what they are creating and want us to value their designs.

I preach a lot about buy less, buy better and I think with this month’s selection, you’re doing just that.

Click on the photos below, they’ll take you to the product.

Brands included here:


Kai Collective

Spatz Hutdesign


Lauren Manoonigan




styleKelly Ekardt