White Boots

picture from pinterest

picture from pinterest

Many of you have already jumped on the white boot train, but for some of us we’ve been looking for the perfect ones. I love boots, but I end up wearing trainers most days so I have to truly truly love a pair of boots before I go ahead and make the purchase. I don’t want a load of boots sitting around my house, I want a few great ones that I wear over and over again.

I have expensive taste so most of the boots I initially fall in love with are, well, a tad bit out of my price range, well at least for the time being. So I have to search a bit more to find a boot that’s not cheap but not like having to take out a fucking loan to buy them. Like the Fendi ones I have below, which I am absolutely in love with or the Chloe ones too!. So sometimes it takes a bit of research to find a pair that are of good quality and in a decent price range.

So below I have listed a few I think are rather nice. I am in the process of researching more sustainable options and when I find the good ones, I’ll share them with you. I know I talk a lot about avoiding the high street, but sometimes it’s very hard and once in awhile they do a really really great boot! So I think if you’re going to wear them, like truly wear them, then go for it.

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Here are some great ways to wear them:

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