October Favourites


I’m not going to lie, I love fashion, I really really do. I look around and pretty much want everything, but there’s a few big problems here: 1. I don’t have all the money in the world, 2. I don’t actually need it all, and 3. Most of what I see may look super cool from afar but as soon as I get close and touch it, disappointment sets in.

I’ve had my mind set on creating a capsule wardrobe for myself. I get super excited about it, start working on it, then I start browsing instagram or whatever and then bam my capsule wardrobe goes out the window. So to avoid unnecessary purchases I have started to compile a monthly wishlist. From that list, I decide what works with what I currently have in my wardrobe and discard the rest. I’ve also started to allow myself time to think about the item or items I am coveting to make sure I actually want them. It’s amazing how you think you need or want something and then realise you actually don’t.

I’ve stopped buying cheap shit as well. This keeps me from buying things I don’t need and allows me to concentrate on the nicer things I know I need to save up for. Buying nice things makes a huge difference. Here are some reasons why:

1. They are better quality, 2. They look nicer on and have a better fit, 3. You will appreciate it so much more because you saved up for it, it means something!!!!!! 4. Just think, if you buy less, buy better, you’ll have a kick ass wardrobe and every piece in your wardrobe will be loved big time!

So I said all that to say here are some of my favourite pieces this month. A few of these I have already and love them, that’s why I’ve mentioned them, but the others I’m saving up for. I wanted to add that not everything on my wishlist is from an independent brand or sustainably made. I try to shop this way and unfortunately I can’t always stay away from high-street brands. When I buy a piece from the high-street I make sure I know I’m going to wear it and wear it and wear it and that it’s on the higher end of the high street. I believe it’s all about buying better. Here are my picks for this month:

  1. Babaa Cashmere Jumper - I bought this jumper 3 or 4 years ago and it’s still my favourite. It was a big purchase for me but it was the best purchase ever! And I’m saving up for another one.

  2. Ganni Charron Dress - I’ve been eyeing up a similar version to this for a while now but then I saw Emma from Finlay Fox in this one and I was sold. I can totally see myself wearing this non-stop. It looks super comfortable and I can wear it with boots and trainers. Sold!

  3. Le Bonnet Beanie - I have this beanie in black and its the best ever!!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan of the beanie so I’m willing to spend a bit more on a warm one because I know I’ll wear it. And I’ve just moved to Frankfurt, Germany where the winters are fucking cold! This pink beauty is next on my beanie list. I just love that colour!

  4. Rosita Bonita Earrings - So as many of you know I have these earrings and I have had them for some time. Ladies, they are amazing!!!!!!! Buy them! Oh and they are handmade in Margate. Major thumbs up!

  5. Oliver Goldsmith Sunnies - Oh how I love a big round pair of sunnies. I think they have become one of my signatures. Now the one thing I don’t get is why do many shops stop selling sunnies in the winter? It’s still sunny in the winter!!!!!!!! Anyways, I truly believe you should invest in a good pair of sunnies. Just one pair ladies that you know will last the test of time and will be your companion through thick and thin. Because once you buy a pair of really nice sunnies, there is no going back to the cheapos. Promise.

  6. Matisse Leopard Boots - Who doesn’t love a leopard print boot??!!!!! I know I do and these beauties are truly amazing and will soon be on my feet. I’ve been eyeing these babies up for months now and I think it’s time to dive right in. The boot of the season.

  7. Le Bonnet Fingerless Gloves - Some of you may think why the fuck would you buy a pair of fingerless gloves in the winter, well I personally hat regular gloves. I can’t use my fingertips and this really bothers me, so fingerless gloves it is. And they need to be super soft and cosy like these ones.

  8. COS Knee-high Boots - Boy are these boots beautiful. These boots are classic and such a wonderful staple for your wardrobe. I would definitely invest in a pair like these. Currently on my wishlist.

  9. Tallulah and Hope Gloria Dress - This dress is just a beauty. It can be worn all really long, worn with trainers, boots and sandals. For me it’s a total winner. I hope to purchase this for a wedding I am attending soon.

So there you have it, this months favourites. I hope this has provided you with some kind of inspiration.

kelly xx

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