A Mini Photoshoot


You’ve probably noticed recently I am kinda in love with this outfit. Yes I have posted a few photos of it on instagram, but I figured why not? When you love an outfit, post it! Let people know why you love it and promote the designers who made it too! Small designers need to be told that their products are loved!

I’m a big fan of promoting women. When women come together to support each other amazing things can happen. The outfit I’m wearing in these photos is designed by women.  Let’s talk about the Super Her tee. Is it not amazing???!!!! I think this tee is so true, us women are all Super Hers, we are bold, brave, smart, forward thinking, supportive, creative, kind and all around kick ass!

The Super Her Tee is designed by London brand Zazou on 100% organic cotton tees. Check them out! Their tees are so comfy and very cool!

The Leopard Skirt is by Gestuz. The designer Sanne Sehested wanted to create a brand decidated to the kind of go-to staples you can build your look around to feel and confident in. This leopard skirt does just that!

The amazing Tiger Earrings by Rosita Bonita! Designer Roweena Harrison brings us a dreamy collection full of hummingbirds, tigers, beetles and fruity fruits. Her earrings are handcrafted in her studio in Margate.

Last but definitely not least, I have to give all the credit to Bethany from Studio B Fashion, if it weren’t for her incredible taste I would not have discovered any of these brands. Bethany uses her extensive buying experience for major high end brands to bring you a beautifully curated selection of small brands that will fit perfectly into your everyday wardrobe. Thank you Beth!

So please check out these beautiful brands. Remember that when you buy from a small brand, they do a little dance when they get your order! It's true!

kelly xx

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