Vintage Skirt

There’s nothing I like better than finding a piece of clothing that I can style in many ways. Even better when it’s vintage. I want pieces in my wardrobe that are special and that make sense. I don’t want to wear it just once, I want to wear it over and over and over again. In today’s society, it’s been normalised to buy cheap, wear once, and discard. Well, things are changing my friends!

Times are a changing and to be honest, they have too. Our buying habits are literally killing our planet. With the amount of clothing produced each year our landfills are now to complete capacity. I’m sure there is enough secondhand clothing for the fashion industry to completely stop producing new collections for years to come. I mean come on people this is insane!

So how can we make a difference. Well, buy secondhand and vintage garments and buy garments you know you can style in many different ways. Have fun with the clothing you have!!!! Challenge yourself to stop buying new and style what you have in your wardrobe. Play dress up!!!

Here I’ve taken a vintage skirt I bought from Vintage Revivals here in Frankfurt and styled it three ways for you: a daytime look, evening look and party look!


kelly x



worn with vintage striped skirt, Hope Stockholm duster, saucony trainers and the hoop station earrings.



skirt worn with felt hat, Rosita Bonita earrings, vintage coat from Vintage Revivals, black shirt from Zara, boots from & Other Stories, secondhand handbag



skirt worn with Rosita Bonita earrings, vintage blazer from MadSeventies Vintage, top from Berska, Pearl and Stud heels.

style sessionsKelly Ekardt