It's all about Preloved Fashion

Growing up I was the queen of vintage. It was just what my friends and I wore. We felt cool and indie when we wore it to school. Fast forward to when I was living in London and my love for vintage fell to the wayside. I was so into high street brands, it was seriously ridiculous. But then one day I woke up decided to stop with the mainstream and go back to having a love affair with vintage. I am so glad I did. There is no excuse now not to buy preloved clothing, whether it be vintage or secondhand. There are so many amazing curated shops and online boutiques catering to those of us who love fashion, but are more conscious about our buying choices.

I understand that buying vintage or secondhand can be daunting for many you and you have mentioned before that you’re not sure what to look for or where to start when shopping for it. So I want to give you some tips.

  1. Before heading out to your local vintage or secondhand shop, have a look at what you already have and keep this in mind, take note of what you don’t have or need or would like and write this down.

  2. Get some outfit inspiration from Pinterest, instagram or the runway. Screenshot these looks so you can refer back to them when shopping.

  3. Start with accessories that can be mixed with your more modern pieces. I like to shop for belts,, hat, jewellery, blazers and blouses. These are so easy to pair with your favourite jeans.

  4. When searching for vintage jeans, check out the mens section. This is where all the amazing Levi’s are hiding out. And don’t trust the sizes on the tag as the sizing system as changed over the years. If you are a 28 in jeans than you’ll most likely be a bigger size in vintage jeans, so TRY THEM ON!

  5. Make sure and check the washing labels and material so you know what your are buying and how it needs to be cared for.

  6. Check over the garment and make sure there aren’t any stains or holes. Unless you want that look.

  7. Remember to have fun when out and about shopping for preloved fashion. It’s about you and your style. And also remember if you find a piece that you absolutely love and it’s too long, it can be shortened. So always keep this in mind.

  8. Also remember the more secondhand and vintage pieces you buy the less money the ever so terrible fast fashion industry is making.

  9. When you buy preloved, most likely its unique, and no one else will be wearing it. This my friends is awesome!

I’ve styled up some of my favourite preloved pieces for you so you get some inspiration to go out and get your special pieces.

Some of my favourite preloved clothing boutiques:


Manifesto Woman

Overdress Vintage

One Scoop Store

Lion Heart Vintage

Retold Vintage

Halls of Wonder

Valery’s Vintage

Ella Pop Shop

Vintage Revivals in Frankfurt

Epiphany in Frankfurt