Spring/Summer 19 Trends

Spring is almost here and what does that mean???!!! Yep new season new trends. Now I’m not one to follow trends religiously, but I do keep my eye out for what’s about to hit the shops. I like to look to the runway and high street for inspiration and then put my own spin on it. I also try my hardest to take this inspiration and find pieces that are secondhand or vintage. Also, please not that not every trend is for everyone. It’s all about picking what is best for you and styling it up your own way! Have fun with it!

The trends I would like to talk to you about today are:

  • bows

  • boilersuits

  • patterns

  • hats

  • craft

  • lace

  • biker shorts

  • denim

  • suits

  • beige


image from internet

image from internet

Bows aren’t for everyone but I think this trend can be interpreted in many ways. If you’re up for it find a vintage piece with a big bow on it like I’m wearing here from Overdress Vintage. But if you would prefer to wear something a bit more subtle, then I recommend finding a detachable bow that can be worn with a button up shirt and jeans. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a trend just a little bit.

Here I have paired this vintage number with Leopard print biker shorts from Zara and over- the-knee boots from & Other Stories. I have also showed you how this cute little vintage number can be worn over jeans as well.



image from internet

image from internet

Boilersuits are huge! Every designer and high street brand has their own version of the boilersuit. I have to admit I love a boilersuit myself. They are super comfy and very versatile. I’m wearing a very nice one from Topshop here and I’ve styled it wearing heels, boots and sandals. It can even be worn from day to night. If you can though I encourage you to go out and find a vintage one.

Boilersuit paired with: picture 1: Pearl and Stud Heels and Rosita Bonita Earrings. Picture 2: Earring from Maison Archives London and Fuzzy Birkenstocks. Picture 3: Boots from Zara, very old. Picture 4: Vintage hat and Pearl and Stud Heels.



image from internet

image from internet

Patterns, patterns, patterns. It’s all about the bigger, the bolder, the print. Mix and match all your prints together. Anything goes here. And yes ladies leopard print is included in this. I’m wearing a beautiful vintage silk skirt from Manifesto Woman and I’ve paired it with a striped vintage button-up and Zara trainers. Use the runway and high street as inspiration but then go out and find a vintage or secondhand piece. There are so many beautiful pieces to be had!

I am also wearing a magnificent vintage printed jumpsuit here. This falls into many trend categories, Print, jumpsuit and 70’s. This piece is from Ella Pop Shop and it’s just divine. I have paired it with a vintage hat and Jospeh Sandals.



image from internet

image from internet

For those of you who know me or follow me, you know I love a hat!!!! I mean seriously love a hat. A hat can take your outfit to a whole other level, a level of very cool. I understand that many of you are not hat people and I understand this, but I do think you should take a day and go try on hats. You’ll find how much joy it can bring you. And when you find the perfect one, babes, it’s s game changer. Now for those of you that are totally on the clip and headband trend, it fits into this category as well. I’ve shown myself wearing some cool hats below.



image from internet

image from internet

When it comes to the craft trend, it’s all about crochet, embroidery, patchwork, patches, basically anything that looks homemade. If you’re not up for wearing craft from head to town then I suggest finding a cool jacket with patches on it. Or better yet make your own. There are many many vintage options out there. Maybe your mom or grandma may have some pieces laying around. Mine unfortunately doesn’t but I’m on the lookout for some great vintage options.

I found a few great craft pieces a couple of seasons ago from Zara and I am still wearing them like crazy.



image from internet

image from internet

Many people associate lace with being quite feminine, but Lae can also be dressed down and quite rock and roll. Wear lace as a dress, a top or just as an accessory. If you’re not up for head to toe lace then I recommend finding a pretty lace top and pairing it with straight legged jeans and some flats or sandals. Pretty but also casual. I’m wearing a secondhand dress from French Connection that I found at one of my all time favourite shops in London, Change of Heart. I’ve paired it with a Ramones t-shirt and sandals, but I would also wear this over jeans and with trainers. Bottomline make each trend your own.



image from internet

image from internet

I know most of you are thinking what the fuck is this??!!! But hey I’ve got say I am totally loving this trend. I love how a biker short can be paired with an oversized blazer. If you’re not up for wearing the biker shorts on their own then I would suggest pairing them with a sheer skirt or dress. Or wear under a short skirt.

I’ve paired these leopard print biker shorts from Zara with the Selby Frill tee from my collection and an oversized blazer from Allsaints. I’ve also shown you how to wear them under a skirt and dress. Picture with a vintage leather skirt from Manifesto Woman and a sheer vintage Comme des Garcons dress.



image from internet

image from internet

Ok yes denim is always in fashion, but it goes through many different cycles. One season it’s all about high-waisted jeans, the next season its all about dungarees, the next season is about dark denim, etc. Well this season is all about bleached denim, but I wanted to not just limit the trend to just this. It’s all about denim period and the more denim the better. Double your denim, actually triple your denim, it all works.

This season mix and match your denim. And I encourage you to find yourself some vintage denim pieces. There is nothing like a great pair of vintage Levi’s. They were designed to last the test of time and most of the time they do. I would also look for mens vintage jeans, they seem to be the best fit and they just look cool too.

Below I have paired a vintage denim Levi’s shirt from E & E vintage with the Farris Trouser from my collection.



image from internet

image from internet

I just love how classy a suit looks. But I also love how now a suit can be worn in a very casual way, which is what I am all about, casual cool. A suit offers lots of versatility, wear with heels and a nice blouse or wear with a hoodie and trainers or wear them as separates. Also not that it doesn’t have to be a blazer and trousers it can be a skirt blazer combo which is very cool as well. Find a suit that works for you and play around with it. At the moment Retold Vintage has some fabulous chic vintage ones available, check them out!

First suit from Target paired with Beth Pegler Earrings, Zazou Tee and Vans. Second suit from Topshop paired with a vintage suit from Manifesto Woman and Free People Boots. Third suit from Ella Pop Shop paired with Ganni Tee, Belt Dept Belt and Topshop Boots.



image from internet

image from internet

The last trend I would like to talk about is beige. I understand that it can be seen as a pretty land colour but actually its so beautiful. And when paired with other colours it looks amazing. I would pair beige with a bright neon colour or a navy blue or wear it head to toe. But remember you don’t need to wear one trend form head to toe. Try a classic beige Mac with an oversized white button-up, a pair of vintage Levi’s and some sandals. Viola, classic but also trendy. If you’re up for the beige head to toe than wear all different shades of beige, the more the merrier. Play around with beige as not every shade with suit every skin tone, but I promise you’ll find a shade that suits you.

Wearing vintage dress from Manifesto Woman, Rosita Bonita Earrings, Miista Sandals, Zara Mac, Market Trousers, Veja Trainers, Topshop Boilersuit, Pearl and Stud Heels