Back to Basics

I don’t know about you, but I tend to want to skip the whole spending money on basics for the wardrobe and would prefer to buy a pretty dress or another pair of jeans that I don’t need. But I’ve come to terms with the essentiality of basics. You need basics plain and simple. And you’ll find that you use them all the time. Funny that. Now that I am completely aware of the importance of basics I now spend more money on them. There is a big difference between a cheap basic and a more expensive one.

Let’s take a t-shirt for example. I’ve found that the seam on a cheap t-shirt tends to be sewn slightly forward or slightly backwards. Yeah, hmm, its not suppose to look like that, just so you know. Also some t-shirts aren’t coverstitched meaning that the t-shirts hem doesn’t have the right stitching for it to be stretched. A coverstitch is an essential hem for jersey materials.

So what basics would I recommend?

  1. black, white, grey t-shirt

  2. black, white, grey long sleeve t-shirt

  3. Black roll neck

  4. black leggings

  5. black, white, nude camisole or vest

  6. camisole slip

  7. black or grey pullover

  8. black tube skirt

These are the essentials. I find that I reach for them non-stop. And especially in winter then layering is a must.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite basics here for


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