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Tunage Tuesday - Find Me Session 18

It’s crazy how fast a year goes by these days. I feel like I blink and then it’s gone. I’m always torn when it comes to a New Year as I want to have so much hope that this year will all make sense, and that everything will click and fall into place. Then there’s the let’s reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far aspect. I know this is important because it’s so easy to forget how far we have actually come in one year. But what if your progress wasn’t as great as you wanted it to be. Can you still say wow look how far I’ve come? There seems to be so much pressure to succeeding in one year. Success takes years to build. So you can see why I’m so torn when it comes to the New Year. I’m torn between excitement and disappointment.

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Tunage Tuesday - Home

I’m so happy to share another playsuit with you today. It’s a good one. I put together playlists based on how I’m feeling at the moment. Some may be super up-beat and fun and others may be a bit more subdued, a bit more reflective. As many of you know my family made a big move from London to Frankfurt, Germany, so we’ve been settling in here and learning to call this place our home.

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So This is Goodbye

Dear London,

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I showed up as a student ready to take on the city. I did take on the city, especially when I first came. I don't think I slept for three months! I made incredible friends and met the love of my life. Who would have thought a girl from the Midwest, Middle America would find herself spending 10 years of her life with you, London. Leaving my friends behind in the States was no easy task.

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Tunage Tuesday: Change Session 15

Change. For some of us change is exciting, for others it's the most terrifying thing you could ever experience. I believe that change can bring new life, a breathe of fresh air, new ideas, new friends, and new experiences. Now this is not to say change isn't fucking scary. It is. Not knowing the future and how it will all play out is honestly a leap of faith. 

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Tunage Tuesday: Dance Session 14

Who here doesn't like to dance? If you don't, I will literally categorise you as looney! Now I understand some of you can't dance. You have no rhythm, but I say who cares! Dance to your own damn beat. Dancing is a form of self-expression, a way to let go and just be free!!!!! When I dance I feel alive and amazing. There is nothing better than hearing the beat of the music and closing your eyes and just letting go. It's truly beautiful. 

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Tunage Tuesday: New Year Session 13

I put this playlist together at the beginning of the New Year and here it is March. Yeah, well I think we can still consider it somewhat the New Year, right??? I mean some of us are still trying to figure out what the hell we are doing with this New Year and I know others of you are well on your way to kicking this year's ass and its only March. I strive to be you.

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