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Chit Chat Friday with Nourish Mama London

Ok so you’ve just had a baby and you’re tired and emotional and just trying to get by and cooking meals is probably the last thing on your mind, but you know you gotta eat. Some of you are lucky enough to have family around to come and take care of most things for you, but what if you don’t have that luxury?

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Chit Chat Friday with DoodleMoo

I’m so glad to finally post another Chit Chat Friday. It’s been ages. I mean I did just move my family from London to Frankfurt, Germany so I think I may have an excuse. But no more excuses now!

Today’s interview is with Emily Canino owner and designer of DoodleMoo. Many of you are very familiar with her already. Her little design studio is growing rapidly and her designs are filling your homes too. Doodle Moo is known for their fun and bright illustrations especially their very popular Te Amo print! Emily, originally from Venezuela brings colour and fun into her art.

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Chit Chat Friday with Manifesto Woman

I’ve done quite a few Chit Chat interviews now and I have to say my favourite has to be todays!!!! I had the opportunity to chat with Sally from Manifesto Woman about her new venture and boy was it a delight!

If you haven’t heard of Sally from Manifesto Woman yet then babes get over to her website and check her out!!! Manifesto Woman is a beautifully selected range of secondhand clothing for the modern and fashion conscious woman.

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Chit Chat Friday with Sas & Yosh

Let's talk about Sas & Yosh. These ladies are just so cool! We met via instagram and before I met them in real life, I knew they were my kind of girls. And I was so right! Sarah and Yoshie, have their own distinct style. It's not like anything you've seen before. From beautiful wallpapers, to t-shirts, to illustrating books, the design duo works effortlessly to bring their imaginative designs to life for all of us to enjoy! As they say, they are a beautiful mix of Japanese and British imaginative eccentricity and this couldn't agree more.

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Chit Chat Friday with Krait London

I met Alice last year at Studio B Fashion's (Bethany) launch party. I didn't know anyone when I walked in, but I very quickly starting mingling and became fast friends with Alice from Krait London. She was so easy to talk too and we also had matching shaved heads. We were total badasses!!!! Alice is a beautiful woman inside and out. She values people and the planet and proves this through her brand. She values individuality and also shows this through her designs. Paving the way in sustainability for those behind her, Alice is a living example of how she wants those around her to start living, value the world around you, value those around you and always be the individual you are. 

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Chit Chat Friday with Finlay Fox

I am very excited to have Emma from Finlay Fox on the blog today. I'm sure you have heard of Emma!!!! She is everywhere at the moment. To be honest, I can't remember how I met Emma but I'm assuming it was at a Mother's Meeting event. But over the years we have had the chance to get to know each other a bit more and support each others businesses. Emma has also been a very big supporter of my kidswear brand girlstalktoboys and now my womenswear brand Kelly Ekardt. 

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Chit Chat Friday with Dilli Grey

I met Vicky at a Mothers Meeting a few years ago. I had stood up and introduced myself and my business, then girlstalktoboys and needed some buyer contacts. Vicky came up to me after the meeting and introduced herself and said she knew several buyers I could talk too. 

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