February's Wishlist

feb wishlist.jpg

Oh how I love a wishlist. This month combines satin gowns with techie sandals and funky hats with chic leather dresses. I’m known for meshing many looks into one. For me fashion is all about having fun and not putting yourself in a box. I can’t say I have just one style, I have loads and this is what makes my style interesting. It’s all about the mood I am in. I love combining gorgeous gowns with trainers, joggers with heels, and Birkenstocks with socks.

Now I want to clarify most of the this Wishlist is not at all sustainable, but I put these Wishlists together for mainly inspiration. It’s to show you how you can combine certain pieces together to make a kickass outfit. Now would I love all these pieces on here, yes absolutely!!!! But as I can’t afford a Rochas Duchess Satin gown at the moment, I’ll use it to inspire me to find something similar, maybe even a vintage piece! The nice thing about this style board is you can combine all these pieces to make several different outfits. It’s all about having fun with your wardrobe.

I’ve linked all the pieces below. Have fun!!!!

kelly xx

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