So This is Goodbye

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Dear London,

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I showed up as a student ready to take on the city. I did take on the city, especially when I first came. I don't think I slept for three months! I made incredible friends and met the love of my life. Who would have thought a girl from the Midwest, Middle America would find herself spending 10 years of her life with you, London. Leaving my friends behind in the States was no easy task. I missed them terribly, still do, but I soon was welcomed into a group of the most incredible crazies I have ever met. We had/have each others backs, we experienced life together to the fullest. These crazies are who have made you incredible. Now I'm not going to lie it hasn't always been easy. I've had some extremely low low periods. Like really low, but I always seemed to get out of it and move on to something exciting, something fun.  

London you were a learning experience for me. You taught me that I am the only one that can make things happen. No one is ever going to believe in me more than me. With everyone and their brother trying to make something of themselves or trying to be the next instagram chaze, only confidence and hard work will get me where I want to go, well hopefully. I never made it in London, I never became that next big hit or had the success I wanted, which is disappointing. I worked super duper hard, but when things came to a halt, I just couldn't keep pushing anymore. I left you London feeling deflated and tired and unaccomplished. I've realised I need something more, something real, something satisfying. You have taught me in all this disappointment to still be proud of my accomplishments, to be proud of myself and to be proud of my individuality and uniqueness. Even though things don't work out the way you want them too, things will work out the way they should. 

London, it sounds like you were pretty shit for the most part but you weren't. I danced until dawn, I sang on the top of my lungs, I made new friends, I had the most amazing experiences with my crazy friends, I experienced true life with you. I loved you and hated you all at once. You made me laugh and cry and throw things and feel stupid and feel great, but the most important thing, you made me live. You were apart of my life for 10 whole years and I thank you. Thank you for this incredible crazy journey. I will never forget you, ever. 

Thank you for my experiences, my amazing friends, my highs and lows, my husband, my child and my wonderful life. 

Love always,