Wardrobe Edit: Wrap Dresses

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I'm a sucker for a wrap dress. I just can't get enough of them. Now I must say though, if you don't buy the right wrap dress for your body shape it can go all wrong. Not every wrap dress is suited for the same person. For example, I have what you may call a big rack, yes I am blessed in the boobage area, so I wouldn't go for a dress that would have me spilling out. I would want a bit more coverage so I am comfortable and not constantly starting at my own chest. Now if you are wanting a wrap dress that is a bit more sexy and want to show your amazing cleavage, do it!!!!

When I am looking for a wrap dress to purchase, I have to make sure the actual wrap around isn't right under my boobs as this will cut me right off completely. I need the wrap around to be a bit more around my natural waist. For some of you ladies, you may need the wrap around to be right under your boobs. 

Important things to consider when purchasing a wrap dress:

1. Find a dress that crosses over just right at your chest. When you find that right dress is should lay beautifully on your chest. There is nothing worse then having to adjust your top all the time.

2. Find a dress that sits perfectly along your waist. This will look so chic and make you look proportioned. 

3. Find a dress that ties well. It is so annoying when you have to keep tying the dress over and over again.

4. Pay attention to the length of the dress. If you are going for a maxi, make sure it's not too long. If you are going for a midi length, make sure it sits nicely along the middle of your calf. And for a mini version, have it sit above your knee. This will look super sexy.

5. Buy a good quality wrap dress made of cotton or silk. A wrap dress can be worn season after season so buy one that will last. 

Here are a few wrap dresses I am loving right now. 

1. The Acey Wrap Dress - I can't wait to get myself this dress. It's such a beautiful dress and such a stable as well. This has sold out, but Holly from The Acey will have a new batch soon. Head over and get yourself on the waiting list. 

2. Ganni Fairfax Georgette Wrap Dress - A few things to mention here. I love Ganni and I love leopard print, so this dress is a win win!!!!!! 

3. Stine Goya Micaela Star Wrap Dress - Boy is this dress a beauty. The print alone makes my heart melt. This dress can be worn in the day with sandals and into the evening with some beautiful heeled sandals. 

4. Krait Liberty Chloe Dress- This Krait dress is just perfect for the spring and summer months. I can't wait to get my hands on this. Alice's dresses are so comfy and soft and  so easy to wear. This one is so so cute!!!!!!

5. Gestuz Aia Spring Floral Wraparound Maxi Dress - I just love this dress. I could see myself wearing this all season long. I love the black and floral combo. Will also look great paired with jeans. What a beauty!

6. Masscob Linen Wrap Dress Blue - I LOVE Masscob. I bought my first dress from them over at Diverse for my 7 year anniversary a few years back and it's still one of the most beautiful dresses in my closest. So I know Masscob will never let me down. And this little number is just too adorable! 

7. Rhode Resort Wrap Dress - The red Jagger Wrap Dress I have posedt here has just sold out but there is a similar one with ruffles that would be the perfect holiday dress! Rhode Resort has the most beauty collection. 

I hope you've enjoyed my selection of wrap dresses. 

Happy Shopping!

kelly xx

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