I Heart Earrings!


How do you accessorise when you have a mohawk? Well big ass earrings of course!!!!! Why not accentuate my already crazy Einstein hair with earrings! I say go big or go home! When it comes to earrings I want a pair that are super special and have lovely lovely creators behind them. There's something so amazing about knowing the story behind the brand. And if my purchase can keep a small brand going, then I will gladly support! 

We sometimes forget how important it is to know where our accessories come from too. We focus so much on our clothing, but shoes, bags and jewellery need to be thought about too. Why buy cheap accessories when you can buy beautifully handmade ones? Know the makers, it's really important.

Here are some lovely jewellery brands I am completely loving right now.

1. Anisha Parmar LondonAnisha Parmar London is a Luxury fashion: jewellery & accessories brand that is inspired by the multi-cultural melting pot of London: A hub for diversity and cultural cross overs with true British culture. They make jewellery for the bold, confident & #BADASS woman. All of their necklaces, earrings and rings are handmade in our London studio with love. 

2. Rosita Bonita - Rosita Bonita is the glamorous alter-ego of designer Rowenna Harrison, born in the balmy spring of 2010 after some fruitful screen-printing tests on leather.  The resulting prints - delicate drawings of bounteous fruits, blooming blossom & feasting hummingbirds - once carefully cut out and collaged together -  became the first Rosita Bonita collection, Orchard. Inspiration comes from glamorous fantasies of past times & faraway lands, & encompasses icons of folklore, myth & legend. Each piece of Rosita Bonita printed leather jewellery is lovingly handcrafted in her studio, in the seaside town of Margate, England.

3. Milk Tooth London - Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Ernestina and Mark Potts. Their mission is to unleash creativity, confidence and conviction through empowering brilliant jewellery. The philosophy is simple - embrace your own style, buy things you love, feel amazing.

4. Anita Berisha - Handmade in New York. Her jewellery is both subtle and bold. For those that want to make a statement, her jewellery allows you to do this in the most of delicate ways. Her collections are just beautiful.

5.  Lila Rose - Lila’s work is inspired by both the natural environment and the human realm of engineering, hardware, and mechanism, and she strives to create pieces that embody the beauty of both when they intersect. The conversation between nature and civilization is everywhere in Lila’s jewelry: “There is something so lovely and so true and universal about the compulsion we have to carve something out of nature, to make some entity by hand from what the earth has to offer. The term manmade feels to me, thinking of it at this moment, like such magic.” Every piece is handcrafted and custom-made to order in her studio in Brooklyn.

6. Chalk Jewellery - Chalk is a London based design studio run by architect Malaika who creates unusual, geometric, wearable forms. Designer and maker Malaika has a passion for beautifully crafted design in all its forms, from the structure of large cityscapes to the intricacies of fine jewellery pieces. Chalk's collections are influenced by architectural elements, everyday objects and bold colourful cultural patterns. All pieces are carefully handmade by Malaika.

7. Musula Jewels - Musula Jewels began in 2009 as the natural and spontaneous creation of a mother-daughter team. Their creative enterprise results from their passion for designing unique pieces for women who seek elegance and distinction through accessories.They began by designing headpieces and brooches, using wild silk, velvet, semi-precious stones and other inspiring materials in their quest for beauty.

In 2013 they discovered and studied the intricate Soutache technique; this opened up an infinite scope of colour combinations and forms, allowing them to give free rein to their imagination and creativity. Their first collections embrace the power of colour, different textures and shiny surfaces, in a fresh approach. The key tenets of Musula Jewels are undoubtedly elegance, delicacy and a celebration of craftsmanship. They make exquisite jewellery with a soul: their creations, imprinted with a world of feelings, are truly small treasures.

8. Wolf and Moon - Wolf & Moon is a handcrafted jewellery label by British designer Hannah Davis. Inspired by nature, architecture, art and design. They make unique, wearable jewellery for the modern woman. From eye-catching statement pieces to everyday essentials . All our jewellery is lovingly handmade in our London studio by a small team of passionate makers.

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