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Intentions. With the super moon happening today and the New Year behind us, I sit here wondering what my intentions are. What do I want this year to bring? Where am I going? How do I get there? These are all excellent questions, but it is my duty to answer them.

I have made a list of intentions and I plan on reading them out loud every day so I don’t forget or lose sight of what I wanted at the beginning of the year. It’s ok to change your mind or change directions. Sometimes this needs to happen. We may have the best intentions in place but life isn’t always a straight and narrow path. It likes to throw a curve ball your way to see if you are up for a new experience or a challenge; or if you’re willing to be flexible because sometimes the best things in life can come out of nowhere. You just have to be willing to go with it. 

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I have proclaimed from the highest mountain that this year, 2018, is my year!!!! And I truly believe it is. I’m ready for that curve ball, I’m ready for a new experience and one that may not have been on my list. What I want is love, contentment, self-worth and a plan to actually flourish into something great!

I’ve realized that when one makes up their mind and focuses and truly goes for what they want, most of the time it works. I’ve seen this with many women I’ve met recently. Maybe for these women it was the right timing, luck, connections – It was probably all of it combined. But I also know that a switch went off in their brain that said, I want this and I’m gonna get it!!!!!!

I’m ready for this switch to go off too! I’m searching for clarity and I know I will have it this year. All my hard work will flourish and become something beautiful and great and useful. I just have to stay focused and keep pressing on.

Here’s to all of our intentions!

What are your intentions? I would love to hear them!

My intentions:

  1. Investment for my womenswear label
  2. More paid styling jobs
  3. More youtube styling videos
  4. I would love a business partner so I can grow my business
  5. More love, happiness, self-love and contentment
  6. Build deeper and meaningful friendships
  7. This is a big one, a dream really, but I want a warehouse space so I can turn it into work/live space and have space for creatives to come in and work and film and make music and have classes for kids and adults and have big bonfire nights and have a small music festival every summer. Yep, total dream! Oh and host pop-up dinners.
  8. And a move to somewhere warm please!

Kelly xx

Kelly Ekardt