Green Going

What exactly does going green mean? Well, to me it means responsibility, transparency and sustainability; and this applies to fashion, interiors, beauty and even our food. These three things are so important. It's our responsibility to ask the questions: Where does this product come from? Who made it? Is this product environmentally friendly? Now it may be hard to find a product that ticks all the boxes but if we all start encouraging our favourite brands to show more responsibility, transparency and sustainability then we just might start making a change.

Change starts with you. Ask yourself: Do I need another green shirt and am I actually going to wear it more than once? Over-buying is polluting our earth. I truly believe in buying less but buying better. How many times have you looked into your closet and said: I have nothing to wear!!!!!! Yes I know, I've been there many, many times. But once I started buying nice items, I stopped saying those 4 words. Because now I do have nice things to wear and beautiful ones too! 

The fast-fashion buying cycle is an average of 50 times a year. A ‘buy-better-buy-less’ is 2 cycles a year. Just think how planning out your wardrobe each season will 1) save you money, 2) give you the best suitable clothing options for you that season and 3) help save the environment. I'm not saying go out and boycott the high street. What I am saying is: Think before you buy and remember you don't have to keep up with the masses. Find styles that work for you and occasionally update them. Go ahead and buy one crazy, on-trend piece; but don't buy 50.

A few ways you can go green:

1. Buy less, buy better

2. Shop small

3. Buy vintage or secondhand

4. An important one, wash your clothes less, this will help save water and keep your clothes lasting longer and looking better.

5. Customise your clothing with patches, buttons, or have it reworked. 

I know I didn't go into loads and loads of details on how to go completely green, but be watching out for more tips and links to great websites that will educate you with all the right information.

One I would definitely start with is: Fashion Revolution. This website will give you the low-down on what you can do to help change the fashion industry for the better.

Here's a few brands above that I truly respect. These brands are stylish, well-made and care about transparency and doing their part. Enjoy

1. Morv London Pintuck Gunpoint Dress

2. A Beautiful Story Nirmala Smokey Quartz mix silver bracelet

3.  Sarah Bailey Green Girl Gang Jacket

4. Miista Georgette Green Leather Flat

5. Konoc Osprey Forest Green

6. The Acey Dark Green Merino Wool Scarf

7. A Beautiful Story Holiday Earth Bracelet

8. Rouje Gaben Dress with Dot Print

9. Vejas V-12 BMesh Extra White Emeraude

10. Kowtow Escape Crew

11. Rosita Bonita Scared Scarab Earrings

12. Dora Larsen Holly High Apex Triangle Bra

kelly xx

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