Nadur Skincare


Skincare has been on my mind lately. I mean A LOT. I've been using the same product for years now, which I'm happy with for the most part, but I wanted to give an all-natural product a go. Like the mainstream beauty market, the organic beauty market has a lot to choose from and if I'm honest I never know where to start. I end up buying products I'll never use. 

I came across Nadur via Instagram – yes the world of instagram. I had been looking for an organic oil cleanser to replace the one I have been currently using. I tried many non-oil organic cleansers but didn't find them suitable for my skin. But then I discovered the Genie, an oil cleanser by Nadur (‘nature’ in Celtic). I asked if I could try a sample and they happily obliged. 

I've been using the Genie for a few weeks now and do like it. I started off as I do with every product: sceptical at first, but after using if for a bit, I'm happy with the result. It leaves my skin feeling very refreshed and clear. Because I use a waterproof mascara I have to use an additional eye make-up remover because nothing seems to take this mascara off! I hope to try their other products as well like their Visage Antioxidant Face Oil in the future.

They also have products for the gentleman in your life! The Smooth Pomegranate and Gotu Kola Shaving Serum sounds lovely and for those with beards they have Celtic Brew Condition Bread Oil. Sounds like a great stocking stuff to me!

I love the ethos behind the brand, 100% natural 0% comprise. They are fully committed to creating an all natural product suited for both men and women of all skin types. Focusing not only a natural product but also sustainable production. Exactly what I like to hear. 

Here's a few bits of information from their website, because I couldn't write it better.

This Is How We Roll

Essential, minimalistic formulas that focus on maintaining and supporting the “acid mantle’, (the skins natural defense mechanism). Developed to address inflammation, (a common denominator in most skin issues) our clean formulas are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients selected for efficacy and performance.

Where The Magic Happens

Nadur formulas are a careful blend of science and artistry. Using “green chemistry” we harness nature’s freshest active ingredients to create products that are safe for you and good for the planet too!

Getting Serious About Quality

At Nadur we create all of our proprietary formulas, source all of our raw materials and manufacture our products directly. This ‘close to source’ process gives us greater control over the quality and authenticity of our ingredients which allows our customers to purchase with confidence and peace of mind.

Naturally Ethical

As a brand we believe in the motto “beauty is as beauty does”. Our commitment to the environment is extended to all of the earth's inhabitants, people as well as animals. While we share the real and growing concerns for our natural environment and its wildlife, we are just as alarmed by the plight of the people that subsist in some of these environmentally fragile regions. Reciprocity, sharing and fair play are beliefs we work hard to promote. Supporting education and improving living conditions in deprived areas of the world has been and will continue to be of paramount importance to us as a company.

We are Now. We are Nadur.

So if you're looking for a new 100% natural beauty product, check Nadur out. You won't be disappointed.

kelly xx

Kelly Ekardt